Eastman will be holding its alumni weekend Oct. 15 through Oct. 17. Unlike the River Campus’ alumni weekend, which is held every year, Eastman’s alumni weekend is only held during even-numbered years. With its concerts, seminars and tours, alumni weekend promises to be a weekend of fun.The weekend begins on Friday afternoon with a clinical demonstration on making the most of one’s practice time. This clinical demonstration, led by John Parks IV D.M.A. 2001 will include information on how to optimize practice time through fusing aural, visual and muscular learning. It also includes information on managing anxiety, learning audition strategies and creating an inner pulse. Other seminars include “Relax and Play Music for a Lifetime,” “Gibbs Street Campus: Envisioning the Future of Eastman” and “Insight into the Professions: What Eastman Alumni Know About Finding Success in the Real World.” The last is a discussion of fascinating career tracks that Eastman alumni have pursued. Students and alumni can learn how to become an active member of Eastman’s career network.An Eastman alumni weekend would not be complete without showcasing Eastman’s many talented ensembles. Most ensembles will have open rehearsals. Both the Eastman School Symphony Orchestra and the Eastman Wind Orchestra will have open rehearsals on Friday between 1:45 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. in ESM 120 and Annex 902.In addition to the open rehearsals, the weekend will include several concerts. The Eastman Wind Ensemble, conducted by Mark Scatterday will perform on the newly renovated Eastman Theatre stage at 8 p.m. on Friday. Guest performers include trombonist Jim Pugh B.M. 1972, M.M. 1975 and guest conductor Frederick Fennell B.M. 1937, and 1939, H.N.R. 1988. Jim Pugh will be performing a trombone concerto by Shilkret. This piece has never been performed by a Wind Ensemble.The Wind Ensemble will also be performing music by Granger, Schuman and Sousa. Marie McCarthy, Chair of the Music Education Division of the University of Maryland College Park, will give a lecture in honor of the centennial of the Sibley Music Library at 11:15 a.m. on Saturday. Later that evening at 8 p.m., the Eastman Philharmonia and the Eastman-Rochester Chorus, conducted by Neil Varon and William Weinert will perform the world premier of Dominick Argento’s Ph.D. 1958 “Seascapes.” This work was commissioned in celebration of the Sibley Music Library’s centennial.In addition to all of the music events that Eastman’s alumni weekend has to offer, Eastman will be providing a tour of George Eastman House as well as tours of the Eastman campus. The weekend will also include alumni luncheons and events for the alumni ranging from 1933 to 2004.Alumni weekend aims to provide the opportunity for alumni to return to Rochester and reconnect with their fellow alumni, former teachers, former faculty members and current students. Information regarding specific events and attendees can be obtained through the alumni weekend Web site at http://www.rochester.edu/Eastman/alumni/weekend/index.php.Gorode can be reached atkgorode@campustimes.org.

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