Certain people at the U of R just need to calm down. Every Friday afternoon after classes I give the Campus Times a good read. Every Friday I realize people just need to take a chill pill. The Presidential election was over a month ago and for better or worse Mr. Bush was reelected for the next four years. If you voted for Mr. Kerry, that’s your vote and your allowed to have it but now that its over is it that hard to deal with the fact Mr. Kerry lost the election fairly on Nov. 2? Apparently not

Every Friday I read another diatribe by another one of my classmates comparing Mr. Bush to Hitler, Stalin or some other dictator in history. Give me break….I know a lot of people are bitter but just let it go. Is it is that hard to believe 51% of the country disagrees with you? Is necessary to lump 51% if the country as “right wing nut jobs” or attempt to find correlations between a state’s average IQ and the candidate who won the state? If you continue that attitude, absolutely nothing productive can come out of government for the next four years. There has to be some amount of civil argument in our democracy but both sides have to be at least willing to listen to the other. Now if someone wishes to sincerely publish an original opinion with some basis in fact I welcome it, but I have yet to see it. If you wish to write some opinion against the Patriot Act, hop online and at least give it a good read. Get some quotes from the actual legislation to back up your argument rather then regurgitate Fahrenheit 9/11. I can drive over to Blockbuster myself and rent the DVD myself. Try to do some research yourself when claiming Mr. Bush is a junior member of the Saudi royal family. If Mr. Moore can do it, I’m sure a student from U of R knows how.

Bush supporters as well have to understand the situation this country is in. We’ve got to realize that there are a lot of people in this country that seriously disagree with us and we still have to convince them with valid, truthful discourse. Contrary to some of the opinions published in the Campus Times there are some very smart people out there that are able to make some valid arguments about regarding the issues. Whether we like it or not, many of Mr. Bush’s policies are quite controversial. Iraq is still a mess, the economy is still in shambles and a lot of people in the world really do not have much respect for the United States right now. It is my opinion that we save our true celebration when Mr. Bush’s policies are indeed proven as correct as we truly believe them to be.

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