A semester comes to an end once again, and there are various organizations, actions and entities the Campus Times feels merit praise or critique.

CHEERS to the registrar’s office for having online registration run smoothly this semester with enough capacity to allow all students to register without difficulty.

JEERS to the newly re-designed Web site for the discontinuity of design, which has some old sections still lingering with the new, as well as some poorly designed pages in the new sections.

CHEERS to dining for making efforts to get feedback from students regarding dining options and the expansion of times and locations for using the Club meals.

JEERS to the Senior Class Council, who decided the senior gift with little input from the class and are giving a gift of a scholarship, which will not be able to be enjoyed by the entire school.

CHEERS to UR for re-routing the RTS bus system which now has service to the Pittsford Wegmans, Greece Ridge Mall and other locations students may not have been able to get to previously.

JEERS to the re-design of the Pit, which has led to lengthy sub lines that interfere with the grill line, and to the C3 store, which has not served the students in any capacity beyond the already-existing Corner Store.

CHEERS to the Rochester Every Day program for involving more local businesses in the program this year and encouraging the students to go out in the city of Rochester.

A Shrekcellent way to deal with stress

It is here that they worship none other than “Shrek.” Every member must show up with a red flower bearing blue thorns as a symbolic offering.

Town hall refreshes debate over faith-based projects

In light of the Stop the Build protests, Runner confirmed that construction of the faith-based projects will continue as planned.

Love languages: is it science?

There is science behind oxytocin — the “love hormone” — but love is so multidimensional that it’s hard to settle on one universal meaning for all.