An Eastman School of Music student was arrested for manufacturing fake driver’s licenses on Aug. 26.

Monty Bloom was arrested by New York State police and charged with criminal possession of forgery devices, according to UR Security.

This charge is a class D felony in New York State. The matter is pending injunction downtown.

The case has been referred to the Dean of Students at the Eastman School. This investigation is ongoing.

Student Attacked on Fraternity Quad

Early in the morning on Sept. 5, a Security officer on patrol observed an individual getting punched in the face outside of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity House near the Drama House.

The suspect was stopped following a brief foot chase and identified as a student from another area college.

The person struck was identified as an undergraduate student, according to UR Security.

The student elected not to press charges. This case is being investigated further, according to UR Security.

Banner stolen from Rush Rhees

Unidentified suspects stole a “Welcome to Orientation” banner from the second floor of Rush Rhees Library.

The theft occurred sometime between 3 p.m. on Sept. 2 and 3 p.m. on Sept. 3, according to UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty.

The banner is estimated in value at $500, according to security.

Presently no police report has been filed.

Intoxicated students sent to the hospital

In separate incidents, three underage students found to be intoxicated were transported via ambulance from Gilbert Hall to Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for evaluation and treatment.

The incidents occurred on Sept. 4, Sept. 5 and Sept. 6, according to UR Security. The amount of alcohol consumed ranged from three to 13 shots. The students also consumed beer.

Because all of the students were underage, the three cases have been referred to the Dean of Students’ Office for further review, according to Lafferty.

Student’s wallet stolen from the Pit

A student reported that his wallet was stolen from the Pit of Wilson Commons on Sept. 3.

The student momentarily left his tray unattended to purchase food from another area.

When he returned, he discovered that his wallet was missing, according to security.

The wallet contained $18 cash, a debit card and other items.

Bottle of alcohol confiscated

A bottle of alcohol was confiscated from three underage students in Hoeing Hall on Sept. 3.

Additionally, on Sept. 5 a 12-pack of beer was confiscated from an underage student on the Fraternity quad.

These cases were referred to the Dean’s Office for evaluation and treatment, according to UR Security.

Several bicycles stolen from campus

Between Sept. 3 and Sept. 6, three bicycles were reported stolen. Two were stolen from the rack outside of Valentine Tower in the Graduate Living Center.

The third was stolen from outside of Gilbert Hall, according to Lafferty.

According to all three owners, the bikes were secured and locked, according to UR Security.

The values of these bikes are estimated at $1,000, $200 and $350.

The owners told the officers that they may file police reports at later times.

Information provided by UR Security.Catenaro can be reached at can be reached at

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