how come us americans are getting the raw end of this deal.why are all the mexicans getting it all and we cant get anything.they work they get food stamps medicad,checks.i lived in chicago for just a little while.we lived with a boy and girl while we found us a place of our own.she was drawing a chech for her and a child ok the boy was working a good paying job.i did not know they were not married until later when department of family and children services came and he would go out the back door.then i found out she was getting a check and food stamps and medicad.and he had to run and hide so they would not know he was you tell me they are not cheating us americans out of what we should be is all going to them.they are taking all the houses ,jobs and we are over populated now.why cant they put astop to it at the border or are they getting paid off like every one else.the cops here are getting payed off when they stop mexicans the mexicans give them money and they go free. drunk dangering other peoples lives.they are 40 to 50 people at a time using the same SS how come they cant put a stop to that start investigating this issue.we would go to jail if we let someone use our no.bush and vecinte fox need to live in a one room shack and see how they feel.he is sending all the mexicans over here to make him rich.that is why bush want the mexicans here and legal so they will vote for him.that is a sorry way to do us american people.concern citizen.thank you

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