If you had any doubt as to what exactly a Ballet Performance Group show entails, one look at the title of this spring’s program – “We’re Dancing” – will quell any curiosity. Modeled around the epic ballet film “Center Stage” – a film with a “cult ballet following,” as BPG president noted – the upcoming show, which falls on April 4 at 7 p.m., boasts enough variety to keep even the most ballet-bemoaning of spectators entertained.”It’s the variety that makes a BPG show so engaging,” vice-president and part-time student Jeanette Neri, a two-and-a-half year veteran of the group, said.”In the upcoming show you’ll find, in addition to the standard jazz and hip-hop fare, a Latin as well as two tap numbers, all of which incorporate ballet fundamentals.” This semester’s show will feature 15 spastic spectaculars from every imaginable category. “What we pride ourselves on is that we have the ballet technique, but apply it to every possible genre,” Ray, who choreographed a handful of the 10 student-choreographed pieces, said. Attendees can look forward to such songs as “Canned Heat” by Jamiroquai, Christina Aguilera’s seemingly self-descriptive “Dirrrty” and, as if the hands of fate itself planned the show, “No Creo” by Shakira. Spectators will also be treated to the two special guests that are tentatively planning to appear – fellow dance group Radiance, as well as Laura Weaver, of Vocal Point fame, who will be singing from Aida while the BPG dances. For anyone who just hit up the D’Motions Club D’Mo, rest assured that a trip to BPG’s show will be an entirely different experience. The only dance group on campus that puts together two shows per year, these tireless gals have made it a goal to make their shows as eclectic as possible, and judging by their quickly-growing numbers, it seems to be a infectious philosophy. When asked why she’s so passionate about her BPGing, business manager sophomore Carly Starn remarked, “It’s all based on the classical [ballet] foundation, but you can find any style that you want to do.” For anyone out there looking for just that out of ballet, Strong Auditorium is the place to be this Sunday.Tickets are on sale for $3 at the Common Market or at the door.Janowitz can be reached at njanowitz@campustimes.org.

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