UR’s radio station, WRUR, was recently revitalized by new shows and advanced technical equipment. Through its partnership with WXXI, the station receives technical assistance and upgraded equipment in exchange for broadcasting nationally syndicated shows “All Things Considered” in the afternoon and “Morning Edition” during drive time. WRUR Chief Engineer and junior Steve Carlton and WRUR members have benefited from the partnership with WXXI. By working closely with professional engineers from WXXI, students are getting a practical broadcasting education, according to him.In addition to the technical improvements, WRUR’s Programming Directors for FM and AM, respectively, senior James Camara and junior Evan Kingsley have worked to revitalize their membership. New members are enriching programming, according to them. Aspiring disc jockeys undergo a semester of training on the AM station. At the end of the semester, they submit a demo tape to Camara who decides whether or not to promote them to the FM station. For the first time in recent years there is a surplus in programming on WRUR. FM timeslots have become competitive, with only the most dedicated DJs getting shows.WRUR’s next phase of new programming will begin on April 2 with the debut of the new show “No Satisfaction: Friday Night Interviews” from 6 to 7 p.m. Inspired by the Rolling Stones’ tune “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” the show will be hosted by WRUR Community Relations Director and junior Seth Berkowitz. The current DJ of “Blues and Jews,” Berkowitz hopes that the new show will continue to spark the student body’s interest in WRUR. The rest of WRUR’s executive board will assist with the show’s production to demonstrate to others how much thought, creativity and time are invested into each show.In order to intrigue the student body, Berkowitz carefully thought through the concept and layout of the show. “At this point, there is only one source of news media on this campus, and that is the Campus Times,” Berkowitz said. “But there isn’t any reason that WRUR cannot be the second and provide a completely different range of coverage. I decided that the mission statement of this show is to provide a different episode for every type of student at the university,” he added.No Satisfaction’s first guest will be Professor of Health Economics and University Provost Charles Phelps who will discuss a wide range of issues including the university’s current lawsuit involving the drug patent for a Cox2 Inhibitor, peer-to-peer file-sharing, the anticipated economic impact of the fast ferry to Canada and the presidential election’s health care debate.”I hope to have Provost Phelps as a recurring guest on the show,” Berkowitz said. “Not only is he knowledgeable in a large variety of topics that pertain to the University of Rochester, he is also always very willing to lend his time to debate and discussion.”Future guests will include Black Students’ Union Political and Social Chairperson Yannize Joshua and the campus band “More Cowbell.” Beyond those scheduled shows, Berkowitz will host a debate on gay marriage with representatives from the Pride Network and the College Republicans on April 30. He also plans to interview Dean of The College William Green on university policy and Mayor Bill Johnson about issues affecting the Rochester community.Students who have questions for program guests are encouraged to send questions to interviews@wrur.org.Keesing can be reached atjkeesing@campustimes.org.

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