Last week as I perused our beloved campus tabloid, its musings and opinions evoked in me a veritable rainbow of thoughts and emotions. The content of the Campus Times, like many complaints which ripple across campus, induced at first agreement, then frustration and finally inspiration. From grievances about a political environment rife with apathy to complaints over dinning policies, students provided protests, but rarely solutions to important problems. UR’s political groups should have a bigger influence on the campus community and student life. Students are indeed intelligent and have the desire to become more aware of the world around us. While we are an intelligent community of scholars, thirsty for knowledge, we lack inspiration. If the political groups on our campus truly yearn for participation and activism, it is not only their prerogative, but their obligation to reach out to the students. Show us why national politics affect our lives and how we can get involved in a meaningful way. Inspire us to engage in political debates that last long hours. It will be tough, but with a little creativity and support, I have no doubt it can be done. Complaints, such as those about political apathy, are indicative of a general malaise which penetrates all aspects of our campus life. Not a day goes by in which I don’t hear a student complain about some aspect of our college community. Now, I have no problem with complaints, for these are the seeds which cause the growth of change. However, this change must be sought after. I have realized after four years here that one’s only responsibility in college is to pursue one’s interests and passions, whatever they be. There is no limit here to what one individual or group of individuals can accomplish with a little inspiration and direction. In Rochester, we are blessed with an open-minded administration, a student government which will support and assist students in their endeavors and, most importantly, a student body yearning for excitement and motivation. So the next time any student feels disdain, go ahead and complain, but only if you are willing step forward and push for change. Voetsch can be reached at

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