Hello, I am a member of SALSITA (the junior board for SALSA: Spanish And Latino Students Association and we want to advertise for our talent show. We need people that are interested in participating. I was wondering if you guys are allowed to print advertisments for us. If so this is what I would like to be printed:

U R IDOL!!!Wanna show U of R what you’ve got? Here’s your chance! Sign up to be in a talent show put on by SALSITA (the junior board for SALSA: Spanish And Latino Students Association). The talent how will be in Tropicana week on April 13th. Prizes will be given to the first place winner. So if you’re interested or have any questions just email shernand@mail.rochester.edu. And don’t worry – our judges will be nice!

Thank you very much!Catalina ext 43469 cberry2@mail.rochester.edu

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