I have been suffering in the bitter cold of Rochester since January and Spring Break is finally here. I am heading to Cancun and hoping to get some serious action. My friends say I’m too wild. What should I do?~Girl Gone Wild

Dear Girl Gone Wild,It is not a question of what you do but whom you do. Especially over Spring Break, and at collegiate hotspots such as Cancun, you need to be aware of the risks. Be wary of your drinks, travel in groups and remember STDs abound in such a concentrated pack of horny students. This goes for girls and guys gone wild. It may sound like a speech from mom, but remember she has seen her bit of somethin’ somethin’ too – even if it was in 1970. Unlike Mom, I won’t tell you to avoid all sexual contact – just use some common sense.That recognized, you can have fun without showing up on a nationally-sold video. Enjoy the warmth, which is still better than Crapchester. You can get a tan and even some drinks. Find a club with friends where you can dance and have fun, but remember that Spring Break isn’t a ticket to cost-free sex. Sure you can get the hook-up, but beware of who is doing the hooking. You don’t want to leave with someone you hardly know. However, if Ken comes down the street and has lost his Barbie, you may just be in time to step in. Perhaps you have found your Juliet and she awaits you at the bar. Either way, go with your head up north, not the one down south.Spring Break should be a carefree fun vacation. It’s not a plane trip home spent worrying about STDs, whether you said no or much more. Have fun – it can still be had, but try not to hump every rump.Spring Break is a time to regain all that lost humanity in the stress of the semester. Relax on the beach, don’t move from a given spot for several days, eat yourself silly – all these will surely pamper you to the fullest extent. Catch up on lost hopes – yoga, that great book, the card to your best friend and some sleep. Make time for you – it’s all about you this Spring Break.Have fun, girl gone wild, and guys gone wild. Go wild, do new things, but come home safe. Got a love and relationship question that’s literally, ummm… burning? Ask the Love Goddess herself, Robyn Tanner, at ctfeats@hotmail.com.

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