Starting March 1, Eastman held its first annual Students’ Association sponsored “Sexual Awareness Week.” The events for the week began on Monday and will culminate on Thursday with a movie night. The Eastman SA made a mission statement for the week available that said the week’s goal is “to ensure that all people know the onus of ensuring complete sexual health belongs to them.”Because the goal of Sexual Awareness week is to advocate an unbiased awareness, speakers advocating both contraceptive practices and abstinence were present for the week’s events. On Monday, a speaker from “Compass Care” came to speak about abstinence. On Tuesday, a speaker from “AIDS Rochester” spoke about AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and ways to prevent them.On Wednesday, a table containing pamphlets on abstinence, contraceptives, STDs, reproductive health and more were available for students. In addition, students could take advantage of free contraceptives and lubricants that were also placed on the table. The week will culminate with a movie night. Some movies to be shown include “American Pie” and “A Walk to Remember.” SA had hoped to show a pornographic movie for members of the Eastman community aged 18 and up. However, at the time of the publication of this article, SA and members of Eastman’s administration have not been able to reach an agreement on whether or not this event will take place.”I think [Sexual Awareness Week] is a good idea” Junior Julia Siciliano said. “I think that the statistics are something like 50 percent of college students will contract an STD. It’s important to learn about contraception, because frankly, people are doing it.”Not all students have been as enthusiastic as Siciliano. “There have been mixed reactions,” Sophomore Jeff Willy, SA President, said. “The reality is that people are having sex and we want to make sure they’re educated.”Members of SA have tried to make it clear that Sexual Awareness Week is not about pushing students to have sex or abstain from sex. “This week is to promote sexual awareness and to provide students with any information they need to make an educated decision about their sexual activity,” junior Ali Loomis said.Gorode can be reached at

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