Is anyone else sick and tired of reading the crap that spews forth from Rob Clemm’s pen? Now just so you know I would be labeled a “progressive” or “liberal”, but this rant has nothing to do with his political leanings. I like reading what the so-called opposition is saying and debate and discussion are important factors leading to progress in this country. That being said Clemm’s editorials week in and week out prove to me that he would rather use trite catch-phrases and reference inane pop culture instead of attempting to have a serious dialogue about an important issue. He constantly tows the party line (see:well see just about any of his editorials) does not seem to have a single significant thought of his own and is much more comfortable writing pedestrian swill that the masses can chuckle about and not have to think too hard. Basically Rob Clemm is a shoddy writer who does not deserve to have a permanent column in the Campus Times. Just looking at his editorial from the February 26th Opinion page proves that. This is supposed to be a discussion about why Ralph Nader demonstrates the Democrats hypocrisy. Why is it then that he spends more time talking about Alex Rodriguez, Dana Carvey and falling asleep in class? Maybe he is taking the wrong classes, maybe he roots for the Yankees, maybe he has been watching the “best of” mid 90s SNL, but none of that has to do with why Ralph Nader exposes the hypocrisy of the DNC. Let’s look at another wonderful addition to his article. He references a year 2000 interview of Nader by Katie Couric. To use the phrase “I have to paraphrase” in an editorial is reprehensible at best. By his own admission Clemm let’s the reader know that this may not even be the right quote. We don’t even know where this interview took place or on what television show or if it was even on television. Can this honestly stand as good journalism? Nope. This is the asinine ranting of someone who does not have a very good grip on the nuances, or even the general principles of editorial writing. Perhaps Mr. Clemm should actually stay awake in class. He may learn a thing or two about how to write correctly.

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