I agree that people should have all of the information before they make decisions. It is not good for people to be ignorant, that is why I am writin you. I am a nurse practitioner student and believe that people should have the understanding of the physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual consequences of actions. Unfortunately, people are not islands. We make small decisions everyday that make a tremendous impact on ourselves and others. The choices that we make matter. This country seems to embrace the philosophy more and more that “we can have our cake and eat it too.” People want to satisfy their selfish passions, but they do not want to reap the natural consequences that come with it-STD’s, pregnancy, loss of self-esteem, etc. I rarely if ever hear health professionals tell patients that even with the use of a functioning condom, the risk of HSV and HPV is still very high. With HPV, the risk of cervical cancer is very high and with that the possibility of never being able to have children. I rarely hear a health care professional address mental health issues. In studies it is shown that abstinence before marriage inspires well-being and self-esteem. Physical illnesses are not what are plaguing our society, psychosocial ailments are what is becoming the fastest cause of morbidity in our country. Sexual promiscuity leads to depression, loss of self-esteem, and even suicide. Those who have had to suffer abortions suffer mentally their whole lives. The decision to have sex or engage in sexual behaviors have affects on a person even without the negative possible sequalae of pregnancy or STD’s. True freedom is in reality freedom from ourselves, our selfish desires, our appetites, and our addictions. Melanie Smith

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