Looking for love in all the wrong places? No need to worry this Valentine’s Day – the UR campus has an array of hot spots for its undergraduate lovers. Whether you are the outdoor adventurer or a book by the radiator type, UR has you covered. Try melting the icy waters of the Genesee at one of the many benches that hug the shoreline. Bring along some hot chocolate, not that this event could get any steamier. A nice blanket, a shovel to plow off the snow, a single rose and some dark chocolates will melt away any cold. Just make sure you bring extra blankets so your loved one doesn’t become frigid.Though a dip in this river might be toxic, it surely won’t be deadly for a simple stroll and romantic sitting. If you are feeling really creative, you might want to try clearing off half of a bench – your lover may sit closer. With the remaining half of the bench you can trace a heart, place your initials inside with a request to “be mine.” It may sound old school and a bit elementary, but never underestimate the simple acts of love.If you aren’t a fan of the water, try your hand at some higher ground. Between Morey Hall and Lattimore Hall there is a softly-lit balcony. The small bench could easily fit two, and the buildings on either side provide a nice protection from the wind, snow and general Rochester weather. Dress warmly and bring a telescope. This spot overlooks the Residential Quad as well as the Eastman Quadrangle. Its higher appeal provides a great stargazing spot. On a clear night you can certainly spot more than one constellation. Grab a book and impress your lover with some great poetry as you point out the North Star. Nothing could make this spot trite – it’s lit with pure love-electricity. This cozy bench also has a great spot to see some nature – the trees are in full view as are the squirrels. Squirrels may not sound sexy, but just consider how they gather those nuts.Still not enticed? Perhaps you should take this love-fest indoors to the library. No need for your econ books for this V-Day event. The 500m level of Rush Rhees library is an ideal spot to watch the sunset and see all of the campus. Let your lover know that you wished to kiss the last rays of the day goodbye with them by your side. This is sure to earn you a thousand more kisses. Grab some strawberries and pineapple, perhaps a little mango juice to make the indoor seem a little tropical. Wishes for warm weather are always a nice touch on any V-Day. Hope you didn’t forget the chocolate spread for the strawberries. Besides, it may come in handy later.No library trip would be complete without a book. A nicely wrapped Kama Sutra guide would be a great gift to anticipate some later romping. If all this travel is just too much for your hermit self, you can transform your room into veritable lavish sex with just some quick easy tips. Instead of candles, which we all know are against regulations boys and girls, give some Christmas-tree lights a try. As always, be creative. Shape them into the phrase “hearts afire” or something indirectly V-Day-esque. Wash your bed sheets – don’t be gross. Grab some petals and drop them across the entire room. Get a great mix of oldies – think Glen Miller’s “At Last.” Nothing can be too hoaky for your love pad. Perhaps a little drink or two – the point is not to intoxicate yourself, which actually hinders sexual activity. Make several cards, about the size of bio study flash cards. In each card place a small phrase or love thought. Tape them all throughout the room and tell your lover the more they find, the more amazing the prize. Massage oils are always crucial. Grab your – that is both of yours – favorite movie. Instead of cooking, order out for an alternative dish you haven’t tried. Remember that new equals exciting.Need some general ideas to blow your lover’s socks off, or rather, pants? Take a hot shower. After you are done cover each other in lotion that has been chilling in the fridge. The difference in temperature is great, especially as the lotion warms from your rubbing. Try your hand at a blindfold and some food tasting. Grab peaches, strawberries, mint, passion fruit, guava, oranges, limes, semi-sweet chocolate and cherry tomatoes. Make them beg what strange juices could be dripping down their chin.Try shocking with honesty, be yourself. Bare your soul. Sometimes the shockingly lovely truth has been long overdue. Whether deeply involved or single, V-Day is a great chance to tell those you love how you feel. Happy Love Day!Robyn can be reached at rtanner@campustimes.org.

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