Has anyone questioned our fascist American government lately? Or have we become too complacent with our wealth and pompous attitudes to rather care the rest of the civilized world exists?What the hell are we doing? Our glorious omniscient president has launched two wars and has already targeted two more countries, North Korea and Libya, for annihilation in the near future.But for what reason?The blind repeat the phrase “terrorism” but the only thing I can think of is the McCarthy era of hunting for Communists. No one really knows what or whom a terrorist is. It has become a the generic term used by Bush for those who oppose his administration. The tree of liberty must bear the fruit of free speech or else the blood we have shed has been wasted.For far too long, the Bush administration has been allowed to shake the tree of liberty, removing from it all that America should stand for. Now, racial profiling is seen as a tool in searching for “terrorists,” rather than its true goal, of oppressing minorities. It is now legal to bug my e-mails, my phone calls, and my book-reading preferences without a judge’s signature.The president sends troops to their deaths in Iraq in the hopes that enough American blood can satisfy the thirst for violent in the region. At the same time he sits at home, a coward admiring his National Guard uniform, eagerly attempting to balance the budget by removing benefits for members of the military and their families. And guess who’s responsible for the budget being in such a bad shape in the first place? Guess who managed to turn a roaring economy into a purring kitten? I’ll give you one letter and I hope you can fill in the rest – W.Thankfully we do not live in a fascist state and we can remove our oil-loving leaders. Yes, indeed, we can vote and this year, I certainly hope that more college students will exercise the privileges of their age, beyond the ability to buy pornography and smoke cigarettes.It is only with the removal of Bush that the tree of liberty may once again blossom for America. It is time to remove our Mussolinni with the figurative piano wire, the vote.So with this sentiment, it is with a heavy heart as a Republican, but it is in the clear conscience of world-minded citizen, that I offer the following plea – “For the love of God, and all that is holy, vote for anyone but Bush!”He can be reached at mhe@campustimes.org.

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