In regards to your article “Twelve freshmen relocated,” I thought I would share with you a notice that one of my friends recently received from the Dean of Students Office:

Freshman #85904:

The UR Supreme Guardian Council has decided that you possess questionable values and unsanctioned beliefs that constitute an immoral influence on the Sue B. community. Therefore, you have 3 hours to vacate your home and move your belongings to the Gilbert Housing Unit. Those failing to comply with the wishes of the Supreme Guardian Council will be subject to 10 lashes in Dandelion Square. All praise Azariah Boody!

But seriously folks, I would like to congratulate the College Administration for finally coming out just saying that at UR, students have no rights.

-Aaron 274-2914

P.S. I live in Chambers and have lots of booze and loose women in my room all the time. I can be ready to relocate within a few hours – should I start packing up my things?

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