Sitting in front of my laptop and writing this editorial piece is really angering me. I have classes to go to and plenty of errands to run, but instead I am here, writing for the Campus Times, because I just have to get this off my chest.For the last semester and since coming back from winter break, the Chinese Students Association members have had dances to practice, lines to remember and all-day rehearsals to attend. We, like most students, have had homework to do, pages to read and papers to write. But sadly, as I found out on Sunday afternoon, some people apparently have nothing better to do with their time than to act with utter stupidity and with the utmost disregard to public property and disrespect to fellow classmates.Sometime between 11 p.m. on Saturday night and early Sunday, the CSA China Nite event banner was taken from Wilson Commons. When I first received the phone call from my vice-president about its disappearance, the first thought that flashed through my mind was that maybe we didn’t tie the ribbons properly or the ribbons weren’t strong enough to support the banner. In that case, the banner should’ve dropped down to the Pit and recovered by either the Wilson Commons manager or a dining services worker – but it didn’t. Moreover, upon consulting with the Wilson Commons manager, we learned that not only had our banner disappeared but our posters in the glass showcase were half-torn and on the third floor bulletin board had been ripped off.The one positive fact out of this incident was that none of the other banners were taken away. As any of you who have ever made a banner may sympathize, it takes a number of people, valuable time and creative effort to produce a single banner. To the person or people who took away our banner, not only did you take away resources and money from the Students’ Association, you completely disrespected yourself and your peers. On behalf of all the members of the CSA, let me assure you that neither this incident nor anything else will take away the passion that we have for our organization. Likewise, China Nite 2004 will go on successfully, with or without the banner.As much as I would like to believe that this was just one incident due to random drunkenness, I fear that it was a calculated attempt to defame the CSA and possibly other cultural organizations on campus. I sincerely hope that other such acts do not occur again either to us or any other group. If anyone noticed anything suspicious or has any information regarding this unpleasant incident, please notify me or anyone in the SA Office.We may not be able to advertise China Nite with our banner anymore, but whenever you guys look at the big, blank space in Wilson Commons, remember China Nite and come show us some support.

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