Those who wish to leave campus to quench their thirst for a cultural outing should consider Geva Theatre Center’s current drama, “Copenhagen,” or their weekly improvisational show.

“Copenhagen,” which takes place during and after World War II, is a perspective on what might have been said between Nobel Prize winning physicist Werner Heisenberg and his Danish colleague Neils Bohr concerning early work in Germany to create the atomic bomb.

It won a Tony Award for Best Play in 2002.

Tickets for “Copenhagen” cost between $13 and $47.50, but students receive a discount. “Copenhagen” offers matinee and evening show times.

Improv shows are rather humorous and run every Friday and Saturday. Improv tickets are $5.

Geva is located at 75 Woodbury Blvd. in Downtown Rochester.

For more information visit or call 232-Geva.

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