Now honestly, how many of you decided to read this solely because “Action” caught your eye? But what’s this about sustainability? I guarantee you haven’t gotten any junk e-mails about this.

Sustainability is making environmentally conscious choices that preserve the Earth for those that will come after us. Now I know it’s often hard to think past your plans for this weekend, much less 50 years down the road, but this is where your sex appeal is going to get a pleasant boost.

Most would agree that some of the people they find least attractive are those who can’t see past the bridge of their own noses, who are so wrapped up in themselves and their delusions of grandeur they can’t possibly carry on a meaningful conversation with another human being.

All of us have a little bit of this in us, but sustainability is the cure.

Small, seemingly insignificant actions can set you on the path to self-actualization and an air of principle and conviction that will turn the head of every man and woman in the room. What can you do? Just follow these simple steps!

1. Turn off your monitor when you’re not using your computer.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

3. You’ve seen those recycling bins all over campus – use them well!

4. Keep your windows shut during the bitter cold of the Rochester winter – heat is more wasted then the guy on your hall desperately seeking Doritos at four in the morning.

You may say that these petty actions can’t possibly have an effect on the state of our environment, much less your chances with the lovely lady or strapping lad across the room.

But take heed, wallflowers – small changes by individuals are hugely magnified when practiced by a group, and your commitment to a cause greater than the padding of your own ego is guaranteed to impress the object of your affectionate glances. Hopefully, it will be a passion you have in common. Who knows?

Maybe the hottest pickup line at the Frat Quad this weekend will be – “Hey baby, are you sustainable? You know I am.” When that has filled your objet d’amour with thoughts of lust, proceed with caution to – “Want to check out my room? The lighting is low and sooooo energy efficient.”

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