Organizer for the Rochester social justice group Metro Justice Jon Greenbaum, left, speaks to more than 300 protesters outside Riverside Convention Center Monday, while Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to supporters inside. The protesters came out to rally against Cheney and many of the Bush Administration’s policies, especially the occupation of Iraq. Across the street, Rochester resident David Mesa, right, engages in a solo protest.

Freshman Class To Include Farm Animals

This incoming class will be the largest and most diverse group of students yet, and include a whole new demographic never seen before.

The AI Divide: Creating a New Class System in Education

The conversation around AI in education isn't just about technology; it's about fairness and opportunity.

CT Eats: Water meat

We sat down with Rochester Chief of Police David M. Smith and the police SCUBA team responsible for pulling bodies out of Rochester’s briny waters to try out the flavors of the season.