After two years of absence, computers have returned to Wilson Commons.

The two computers, donated to Wilson Commons by the Conference & Events Office and entrusted to the maintenance of the Computer Interest Floor, are set up as internet kiosks outside the Hive. Information Technology Services is providing internet access to the computers, which run on free Linux software. The machines are limited to Web browsing and will be primarily available for checking e-mail.

“CIF is happy to provide service to students,” CIF Membership Director and junior Joe Toscano, who set the project into motion, said.

“I originally came up with the idea,” Toscano continued. “The Senate agreed, as did Wilson Commons staff, because it really is so convenient. Everyone’s been very supportive.”

The project’s few costs were covered by Wilson Commons budget. Director of Wilson Commons and Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier was eager to support Toscano and CIF in getting the computers up and running.

“When students come to us with good ideas, we do our best to make them happen,” Algier said. “We’re always trying to add new services to the building to benefit the students and the community as a whole.”

Algier says that students have expressed interest in the project for over a year and a half and that finally, through the joint efforts of Wilson Commons, CIF and ITS, the project is finally coming together.

“It’s supposed to be a convenience between classes when you don’t want to go back to your room,” Algier added. “A place to relax, meet friends – that’s what we want to be.”

The computers should be available for student use by the end of the week.

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