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August 20, 2003, KISSIMMEE, FL – LaTiahna Nelson, owner of Pitch-A-Pak, created a revolutionary line of multi-media Press Kit Presentation Albums/Binders for the Entertainment Industry and Others. There are six(6) models available — sold empty, you simply insert your Cover Sheet or Photo, Paperwork and Business Card, along with an Audio Cassette Tape, VHS Video Tape, Compact Disc, or DVD.

“With Pitch-A-Paks, all of your materials are held in one impressive, professional and organized package. These products will change the way you present your talents, and are a must for aspiring and established Entertainers who want to get the edge on the competition, stand out from the rest, and show the Industry that they are professional and serious about their craft,” says LaTiahna.

“Many aspiring artists spend their hard-earned dollars to make their demo and other promotional materials, simply to submit these items loosely in a manila envelope, or in a paper pocket folder where the CD, DVD, tape or video keeps falling out. I know, because as a former singer, I was one of them!,” says LaTiahna. “This is what gave me the idea to create Pitch-A-Paks. I realized that if I needed a product like this, surely others must too! Without the right Presentation, even the best artist could go unnoticed and unheard, lost in a sea of ordinary and unimpressive demo tapes! An Industry Executive, Manager, Agent, Talent Scout or Club Owner with a pile of Resumes and Demo Tapes or Videos on his/her desk would most assuredly spot and pluck out the Pitch-A-Pak first, greatly increasing your odds for success.”

Pitch-A-Paks can also be used by Industry Insiders and Professionals; those trying out for the many Talent and Reality Shows that allow you to send in a tape or video; or anyone wanting to pitch, present, or promote themselves, their talents, company or organization, products, services, inventions, music, movies, videos and commercials, computer games and software, seminars and more! You can send your Pitch-A-Pak to prospective Record Labels, Agents, Managers, Financial Sponsors and Clients. Use them as Audition material for Contests, to get Jobs/Gigs, and for Demo Critiques and Evaluations. Use them to assist you in obtaining Recording Contracts, Movie Deals and Radio Airplay. Send Pilot episodes to Networks and Cable Stations. Distribute your project at Expos and Film Festivals. Promote the Artists and Athletes that you represent. Enclose a Video Tour of your Training Facility or School of the Performing Arts. The uses are endless!

The current Promotional Prices start at $10.95 each, with quantity discounts available. For additional information, product photos, testimonials, special discount offers, or to place an order, visit their website at:, or send a SASE to: Pitch-A-Pak, P.O. Box 700605, St. Cloud, FL 34770, and they will mail you a brochure.

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