Freshman housing implemented

Despite undergraduate protests, freshman housing began in the 2001-2 academic year with the class housed in the Residential Quad. The decision came after the recommendation of Residential College Commission in the Spring of 1999 that all freshman be housed together in order to facilitate better programming and unify the class.

Complaints followed that freshman housing was in fact also taking away available singles on the Res. Quad, creating class segregation with the de facto sophomore housing in Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls, as well as lowering levels of class involvement in campus activities. As a result of the complaints the College chose to move freshman from the Residential Quad to Susan B. Anthony, Gilbert and Hoeing Halls this year.


Sept. 11 and the War on Terrorism

With the beginning of the war on terror, there was no such thing as apathy among UR students. There were many group discussions on the war in Iraq and many students participated in anti-war demonstrations in Washington D.C. and New York City. To top it all off, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore spoke out against the war on his March 26 visit to campus – the week after his initial outcry against the war on national television at the Academy Awards.

The initial terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 brought shock, grief and fear to the UR community. Soon after, the campus community united to raise over $20,000 for relief efforts and to remember those who were lost in the attacks. Two alumni who died – class of 1995 graduate Zhe Zeng and class of 1993 graduate Jeremy Glick – stood out as heroes in particular.

Glick, a passenger of Flight 93, is thought to have led the passengers to stop the hijackers.

Zeng helped rescue people from the twin towers before he lost his own life when the buildings collapsed. He is being considered for the Presidential Medal of Freedom, America’s highest Civil honor.

Last year’s senior class council raised money for planters in Meliora Plaza that were dedicated to the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.


Goergen Athletic Center renovated

After 18 months of construction, the Goergen Athletic Center was complete by Fall 2002. The result was a state-of-the-art fitness center, a remodeled alumni gym, an added viewing area for the Speegle-Wilbraham Aquatic Complex and a renovated NCAA regulation sized basketball court.

Lost in the construction was “the hive” in the Louis Alexander Palestra, a special section where fans gathered to cheer.


Sesquicentennial and Meliora Weekend

UR threw an enormous bash to celebrate its 150th birthday with students, alumni and parents. Sesquicentennial weekend in 2000 featured the homecoming football game, the Stonehurst Capital Invitational Regatta and visits by NASA Chief Dan Goldin and actor Robert Duvall.

To preserve the spirit of the weekend, the university decided to turn the event into an annual tradition called the Meliora Weekend. Each year has its own theme – it was freedom in 2001 and leadership in 2002. The weekend in 2001 featured actor/comedian Bill Cosby, politician Bill Bradley and Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta.

The 2002 line up included Senator Hillary Clinton, comedian Jon Stuart and novelist Salman Rushdie. The theme for this year’s Meliora Weekend will be innovation and the festivities will begin Oct. 12, 2003.


The Pub – its return and death

The “Hive” pub opened Jan. 31, 2002 with about 1,000 people attending the grand opening. After the initial high attendance, the Hive quickly lost its appeal and will be removed next year.



Recent years have brought much deserved success to the UR men’s and women’s basketball teams. The 2002-3 year was the most successful season in the history of UR women’s basketball.

It ended after the women advanced to the National Collegiate Athletic Association Div. III final four and lost to the eventual champion Trinity University of Texas.

The Yellowjackets finished fourth in the nation with a 24-6 record, setting the record for the most victories that the program has ever had.

The men’s team had hoped to make it two consecutive seasons to the final four this year. However, they came up short, ending the season at 23-4 after dropping to the Amherst Jeffs 74-68 in the Sweet 16.

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