An unfortunate event took place this D-day, an unidentified male became sufficiently inebriated as to display his lack of masculinity and screamed like a little sissy boy.Dandelion Day is, despite being a fantastic idea and usually enjoyed by all, not a national holiday. Thus national testing centers in such places as Iowa are likely unfamiliar with its existence, and thus its scheduling arrangements. Thus it happened that on this particular D-day the MCAT test was also scheduled. Word came down that this level of ignorance was not to be tolerated by some of the fraternity chapters on campus. Thus those poor souls in charge of proctoring the test, such as myself, were warned to be on the lookout for a disturbance. Unfortunately the disturbance was to take place on campus and not in Iowa. I say unfortunately because the people who scheduled the MCAT are in Iowa. The people taking the test here on campus would, I have no doubt, rather be outside enjoying D-day themselves. But they sacrificed their time and money to take the test. We are not talking about a small amount of money either, not a six pack or even a case of beer’s worth of money. No, we are talking kegs here, KEGS people. And not the cheap stuff, we’re talking Beck’s or Newcastle kegs. These people sacrificed enough money to buy Kegs of beer, as well as enough time for most serious party animals to drink said kegs dry, to sit in some stuffy boring room and take a test. So when some frat boy comes running through the hallway screaming like a little girl trying to create a disturbance and make all those people fail the test so they have to take it again, it is just sad. Have some respect for your fellow students and the sacrifices they have made. If you can’t do that, then at least respect the beer! And learn to yell like a real man.

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