This is for anyone who is not currently involved with a Greek organization – I’m about to let you in on a little secret. I’m about to tell you the real reason why students at UR go Greek. Are you ready?

It’s because of Greek Week. There is a small stipulation stating that one must be of Greek affiliation in order to participate in the Greek Olympics, or Greek Week, as the event has been called in the past.

What could be more enticing than the knowledge that pledging a fraternity or a sorority is a right of passage that allows one to participate in one of UR’s greatest traditions?

This spring the Greek students of this campus proved their dedication to this great tradition, and to their respective organizations. This spring the forces of nature challenged the Greek Olympics.

As Rochester incurred snow, sleet and ice in the first two weeks of April, threatening to devastate the ability of Greeks to enjoy Greek Week’s outdoor traditions such as football, soccer and the tap run, affiliated students were not for a second dismayed by mother nature’s attempt at thwarting our tradition.

All the Greeks proved that their pride in their letters is more powerful than the discomfort experienced by Rochester’s recent atypical weather.

Even though Fauver Stadium’s football field was covered with a blanket of slippery snow, a significant number of Greeks showed up in sweatshirts and boots ready to play football.

When they were informed that the games were canceled due to the weather, there were immediate requests for the games to be rescheduled. No one wanted to wait until the following spring for the opportunity to show off his athletic prowess on the football field. Clearly, this year the Greeks on campus proved the importance of Greek Week and their determination to carry on its tradition.

Perhaps, if Rochester’s winters become habitually prolonged, Greek Week’s outdoor sports could be adapted to accommodate the snow and sleet. Maybe the Greek Week snowball toss could replace the keg toss, or we could begin the Greek Week luge race instead of a tap run.

For anyone contemplating the possibility that Greek life may be just what their college experience has been lacking, simply imagine yourself spending your spring afternoons participating in stimulating games such as soccer, football and basketball. Imagine your best friends cheering for you as you stun them with your stunning display of hand-eye coordination as you dominate the foosball and pool tables. Imagine granting the Greek community the privilege of viewing your hidden talent of breaking boards, juggling or ingesting a garbage plate at an inhuman speed.

Nothing teaches camaraderie and the thrill of victory like the annual participation in the Greek Olympics. Now that you know the secret to the success of the Greek system at UR, perhaps you’ll rethink signing up for recruitment in the fall. Just remember, anyone can be Greek, but not everyone can win the Greek Olympics.

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