My name is Melanie Smith. My number is 475-0109. Here is a copy of a petition I am sending out to the leaders of Rochester.3/4/03

We, the citizens of Rochester, New York, petition the leadership of the University of Rochester and Strong Memorial Hospital in regard to the following concerns and choose to withdraw any future donation support without the prompt attention to the following issues. All of these issues we address to lift the standard of the community. The University of Rochester has a reputation of prestige, but has lost its rapport with many of Rochester’s citizens because of the apathy of the leaders to important issues. God is synonymous with intelligence, truth, and light. Any institution that shows respect for God and His laws invites His presence. The presence and influence of God create an environment that enhances the search for truth and knowledge. No institution can reach its potential to do good and change the lives of others for good without the influence of God. We ask that there be an awareness made to the employees and students of the University of Rochester and Strong Memorial Hospital the importance to many people the importance of the respect of God and Jesus Christ’s name. Frequently the name of God is disrespected, used as an explitive, and profaned, a disrespect to God and to all who have a proper respect for God and humankind. Also, we are disappointed that the University’s leadership would turn their heads as a club they sponsor, the cinema club, will be showing a triple X film. The showing of the porn show is a desecration and humiliation to the sacredness of all that is good in humankind and to God Himself. Even the act of homosexuality, an act that brings devastation and misery to all that participate in it, is advocated when clubs that support it are funded. Chastity is the very foundation of righteousness and happiness. These issues are a concern, because they reflect the morality of the community. We will use our freedom to stand against all acts that lead to disrespect to God, for all acts that go against God lead to the misery, loss of confidence, loss of hope, and the decrease of morale in a society.

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