Rarely do you see a musical event that has substance to it. This particular subject does. A local band by the name Manaia were getting on their feet and writing tunes together for a few years.

Aaron Christiano — vocals and guitar — and Joe Christoff — bass — were the primary members of the band who worked together on all the compositions.

When they added drummer Andrew Shaw things were able to move on to the next level with a full band. Their music is a technical achievement that astonished me for being such a new band. Each member is an extremely talented musician in his own right.

I saw them at the Club at Water Street last year. The show may not have been packed with people, but it was packed with music. Their sound incorporates many genres other than rock, including funk, reggae and even some electronic elements. It is smart music with many changes and many different feels.

Just when Manaia was poised on the starting blocks, tragedy struck the band in late October last year. Originator, guitarist and vocalist Aaron Christiano passed away in a car accident. Aaron had been driving on back roads and swerved and struck a tree. He was 21 years old.In Aaron’s memory, Joe has taken the initiative to finish the album that they had planned on recording. “Bahari Moon” is an hour long ride. It will be sold to the public for the first time at an event to be held next Friday in both sides of the Water Street Music Hall. The event will feature 10 bands, one of them being the remaining members of Manaia.

The tickets are $10 at the door and the proceeds will go to a fund started by Aaron’s mother that is designed to help to fund up and coming bands that are trying to get their start. Their CD, “Bahari Moon,” will also be $10.

You couldn’t ask for a better cause or better night filled with music. So if you are planning to still be in Rochester on March 14, get yourself to Water Street Music Hall for this event. All ages are welcome and the doors open at 8 p.m. For more on the band, see http://www.manaiaworld.com.

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