Although student organizations on campus have numerous positive attributes that foster goals of leadership, community and diversity, the actions of some groups at times can incense many individuals on campus.

If you have any concerns on how any of these organizations have acted recently, you should attend the community dialogue on “Misconceptions and Stereotypes: What You Always Wanted to Know but Were Too Afraid to Ask” tonight in the Welles-Brown Room of theRush Rhees Library at 7 p.m.

Representatives from the Black Students Union, College Diversity Roundtable, Pride Network, Campus Times, College Republicans, Spanish and Latin Students Association, National Society for Black Engineers, Sigma Chi, Association for the Development of Interests in the Indian Subcontinent, Muslim Students’ Association, URVeg, Students for Social Justice, Amnesty International and the Charles Drew Pre-Health Society will be on hand to explain their role on campus and answer any questions or complaints that general students have towards their group.

“Basically the roundtable is intended to clear up any misconceptions students have about many of the organizations on campus,” junior Stephanie Fitzgerald said. “A representative from each group will spend a minute or so explaining the functions they perform and then questions will be opened up to the audience.”

In organizing the event, Fitzgerald said that some of the stereotypes she heard mentioned included that the Charles Drew Society is a “secret society only for minority students,” that the “Black Students’ Union is intimidating” and that the “Asian societies are only open to Asian students,” when in fact n.

The community dialogue is not exclusive to students, faculty are encouraged to take part as well.

The event will be moderated by Gladys Pedraza-Burgos of the College Diversity Roundtable.

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