First, please do a modicum of research before you open your mouth. Hussein has never used biological weapons on his own people let alone anyone else. Chemical weapons are easily distinguishable from biological weapon, just ask any Iranian soldier. The least you could do is read over the Republican talking points carefully before wasting valuable trees in your less than stellar tirade in response to the protestors.

Second, who cares what the motivations are behind the protesting. The simple act of protesting is itself a political action. So get a clue. What the hell is wrong with having a political point of view which may diverge from that of the presiding president?

Third, there were people protesting the bombing of Kosavo, the bombings of Sudan and especially the bombings and sanctions in Iraq. It was the media’s choice not to give it credence and your fault not to listen, but believe us those people were every bit as vocal and passionate then as they are now.

“Hussein hates the United States and will do anything to help the terrorists in their attacks against us.” Contrary to your misinformed opinion Hussein loved the U.S. before 1991 and we loved him back. He kept those Muslim, aggressors from Iran in check. P.S. The Baath party is a secular-socialist party.

In addition nothing brought forward by the Bush administration has even remotely linked Hussein to any terrorist organizations, especially al-Qeada. Unfortunatly, in a recent poll 44% of Americans are still under the delusion that some or all of the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqi. It seems to me that you Mr. Snyder are under the same delusion.

In conclusion, we will defend liberals. It was not liberals who continued to pry into the private life of a sitting president just out of spite. Neither did liberals spend millions of dollars on an investigation to discover that the president was getting head. It seems to us that Mr. Snyder’s article is merely another way for the pot to call the kettle black.

Jon Dashkoff ’06 (moral support)Mansoor Khan ’03John Zeiser ’05

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