There is a major difference between the way things are and the way they should be. As one obviously knows and understands, the way things are aren’t necessarily the way they should be, and vice-versa.

Since each one of us perceives things differently, one person’s view of life may not be another person’s view of life. Moreover, the more popular view usually displayed by the media isn’t necessarily the way things are or the way they should be.

With this in mind, one question stands out, “What is life as it currently is, and, most importantly, how is it supposed to be?”

There is no one definite answer to such a question. However, one does not need to look far to discover life — particularly human life — as it is practiced every day by humans and the events that shape, mold and form it.

Unfortunately, in some corners, the value of human life and the importance of genuine, quality friendships are not necessarily accepted or practiced in everyday life. Some believe in success at the expense of others, while others take a lighthearted, cautious approach to success, living spur-of-the-moment or dependent on someone else.

There are also those who believe in success as well as others — who believe in living and letting live and in creating their own destiny. These extreme factors affect every aspect of human life and greatly influence “what is.”

The other half of the question, how things should be, could provide many different answers as well.

With careful analysis, insight and research, an individual can get a general idea of how life should be. By studying the laws of nature, they could learn how certain elements, from the smallest to the greatest, support and complement each other to make life sustainable on the planet.

By observing the seasons and how the earth “recycles” over time, one can learn one basic lesson of economics — that nothing is wasted. By reading positive words of wisdom such as the Bible, Quran, Torah, the Tao, self-help books and the like, one will discover the Golden Rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto you — to live and let live, and what “should be.”

In conclusion, there is a major difference between the way things are and the way they should be. It is up to the individual to realize and understand these things and to implement and incorporate ideas, thoughts and processes into their everyday life to make them better and to change and share their ideas with others to create a better world.

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