This Friday at 8 p.m. the Yellowjackets will host their annual Midwinter Jamboree. Joining them for the show, entitled “Midwinter Night’s Dream,” are the all-female a cappella group BellAcapella, human beat box Dominic Bouma and members of the UR Swing Dance Troupe and Ballet Performance Group.

The Yellowjackets are composed of nine men — freshmen through seniors. They will be performing a fairly unique kind of show as all of their numbers will be based around the title. “It’s a fully put-together show,” musical director for the Yellowjackets Dave Marvin said.

BellAcapella of Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia is a relatively new group, that just formed in 2000. They are comprised of 10 women and have previously performed at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. They will be performing their own set.

Dominic Bouma will be joining the Yellowjackets from Coppin State College in Baltimore. Bouma met the Yellowjackets on the road at Johns Hopkins University. Bouma performs a unique vocal artform known as beatboxing and is currently a member of the human beatbox crew “Larynx.” He, too, will be performing his own set.

Members of the UR Swing Dance Troupe will be joining the Yellowjackets on stage to perform a dance routine. Jeanette Neri of the Ballet Performance Group will also perform with Andrew Hamada of the Yellowjackets in a number choreographed by Ellen Ray.

This Friday also marks the debut of the Yellowjacket’s twelfth album since 1991, “Natures Call.” The album was produced over the summer and contains many of the songs the group performed last year. Last year’s Midwinter Jamboree attracted an audience of 500 to 600 people. “We’re hoping attendance will be that good or better this year,” Marvin said.

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