In 1997, Hillel held Shabbat 300 with the idea of holding the largest Shabbat dinner in UR history ? it was a phenomenal success. In the same tradition, Hillel will hold Shabbat 806 this Friday evening.

Douglass was packed with students and community members who enjoyed the free catered meal and the festive atmosphere of last year’s Shabbat 750.

“It’s an event for the entire community,” junior and Hillel Vice President, Kim Silver, said. “It’s a great way for people to come see what we’re all about and to experience the Shabbat celebration that’s so central to Judaism.”

In past years, faculty and students from UR, University of Buffalo, SUNY Geneseo and the community have attended the event.

A goal of the event is for each year’s Shabbat to be bigger and better than the last. Last years goal of 750 attendees was met and surpassed. This year, Hillel hopes to achieve 806 registered guests at Shabbat.

Since this event is open to the entire community, it is great chance for non-Jews to experience first-hand what Shabbat is all about. Following dinner the festivities include traditional songs and acknowledgements.

Be sure to register for the event at Hillel’s web site, Dinner begins at 6:15 p.m. in Douglass Dining Center.

As they have in the past, Hillel will be bringing in an outside caterer to be able to provide a kosher meal.

Severs can be reached at

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