To all of my former readers or anyone looking for something decent to read while visiting the porcelain demigod (btw: I preferred the ones in Meliora Hall), I tell you that it was a real pleasure drawing cartoons for the CT. Never has an outlet been provided whereby my thoughts, ideals, concerns, and socially unacceptable idioms been allowed to be conveyed on a papal front. No less, all of the aforementioned could be made tangible by my crude drawings and unintelligible banter. I will always remember those wonderful days along with Joanie and even my pseudo-arch nemesis “The Who Care’s Guy.” Not only do I have fond memories of writing the comic, I even have memories of people dressing up as my comic character, “The Hawaiian Whannabe,” for a multitude of parties around Halloween. Yes, that boosted the ole ego about two points! As for the plea of “coming back,” as much as it would be a real blast drawing for the CT. . . I have officially retired. My drawing pen has been broken in twain (and unfortunately spilled on my Hawaiian Scrubs), to be replaced by a scalpel and hemostats. Medical School at the American University of the Caribbean takes up almost all of my time. When spare time does exist and if I am not in the lab trying to put sunglasses on my cadaver, I am enjoying the beaches on the island of St. Maarten (i.e., checking out the touristy “nude beaches” on the French Side of the island…beacuse the surf is better….). I beseech all freshman or sophomores who doodle pictures of professors being attacked by sharks, global thermonuclear bombs, rubber chickens, Nick Tahou plates, etc., to save some notebook paper and draw for the CT. I am sure others will find your doodles funny. What’s the worst that can happen? You may end up in the Caribbean!


Sid Jackler (UR ’02) at the AUC School of Medicine, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

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