Are you in the mood for some NHL quality action but, like most UR students, can’t make it to a Sabres game? Well, Rochester’s own Americans offer that professional hockey experience just 10 minutes from the River Campus ? and the action is often even more intense than at NHL events.

Since the 2005 class council is sponsoring a trip to the Rochester vs. Binghamton game this Saturday night, all UR students have the opportunity to experience the intensity.

“This event is one of the first in a series of events we are putting together in the coming months to bring the campus and the Greater Rochester Community closer together,” 2005 class council president Jesse Bailey said. According to Bailey, the group will be focusing on providing ways for students without cars to enjoy Rochester by organizing events like this one throughout the year.

“The tickets are all in the same section, so the idea is that students can go and have fun in a pseudo-student-section of the arena,” sophomore Erin Frasier said, “The event is open to everyone. We bought about 50 tickets initially and they haven’t sold out.”

Tickets to this event are available at the Common Market for $8.75. Buses leave the ITS Center at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday.

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