At least three vehicles were vandalized by black spray paint last Wednesday.

The unidentified suspect damaged the vehicles in Meliora and Library Lots and one parked on Wilson Blvd.

“Two vehicles were spray painted along one entire side, and the third was painted on the trunk and passenger-side windows,” UR Security Investigator Dan Lafferty said.

Preliminary damage estimates put the cost at a range from $100 to $3000.

The vehicular vandalism preceded reports of graffiti on the pedestrian footbridge, security reports.

While the bridge was also damaged with black paint, it is unclear whether the two incidents are related, according to UR Security.

Security interrupts suspicious behavior

Four non-affiliated people were arrested Sept. 26 after a security supervisor found the men in Intercampus Lot “without legitimate purpose,” Lafferty said.

Security witnessed one suspect running from behind one vehicle, which was found to have a broken window. Two suspects, who had fled, returned while security was wrapping up the investigation. “One of the suspects was found to be in possession of a screwdriver and there was a pellet pistol located inside the suspect’s vehicle,” Lafferty said.

Police took three of the suspects into custody. The fourth is expected to show up in court.

The owner of the damaged car, a UR student, reported that his dashboard had been damaged. His stereo faceplate was stolen, he says. The owner estimates damage costs at upwards of $350.

Bike stolen from rack with bolt cutters

A bike secured to the Computer Studies bicycle rack was reported stolen the same afternoon that an alert was issued to be on the lookout for a man seen using bolt cutters. The bike was valued at $500.

Officers began a campus-wide search following the report.

“An individual matching the description was observed riding a bike rapidly down the river path toward the Ford Street Bridge,” Lafferty said. Traffic hindered officers’ ability to keep sight distance and apprehend the suspect, security said.

Intoxicated student taken to Strong

An 18-year-old undergraduate was found “highly intoxicated” by security and Medical Emergency Response Team members who responded to the call Sunday.

MERT established that the student needed further attention. The individual was transported via ambulance to Strong Memorial Hospital emergency department.

Fog machine causes fire alarm

A banned fog machine caused a fire alarm in Gilbert Hall last Thursday, Lafferty said.

The student had been trying out the fog machine when it triggered the alarm. The student did not know that the device was banned in UR residential halls. The machine was surrendered to officers. There was no damage to the fire alarm and it was reset.

Information provided by UR Security.

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