I was disappointed that your recent coverage of the multimillion dollar contribution of Brian Prince ’86 made no mention of his (and my) fraternity by name: Alpha Delta Phi.

Brian’s intention was to honor and “give back” to those organizations within the university that provided him with the education, opportunities and life experiences that have led to his success in the world of business and finance. Specifically, the beneficiaries include the Alumni Scholarship Fund and the Athletic Department, The Simon School, The Jeremy Glick Scholarship Fund established by his fraternity brothers (Jeremy was also an Alpha Delt), and his fraternity, Alpha Delta Phi.

The alumni and undergraduate chapter members take great pride in the accomplishments of Brother Prince, and his generous recognition of the part the fraternity played in his college experience. It seems to me that you would also take pride in the fact that Greek organizations, that are organized, energized and operated totally by student men and women representing roughly a quarter of the college undergraduates, have produced such admirable and successful recent alumni as Jeremy Glick and Brian Prince.

I’m sure the next generation of alumni heroes is among today’s student population, and that the occasional misbehavior and negative incidents are far outweighed by the constructive activities and leadership opportunities available only in fraternities and sororities. Your recognition would be appropriate and much appreciated, since it will go far toward creating a greater sense of being a respected part of the campus community.

Pete HeinrichAlumnus, Class of 1960

Bored This Weekend?

Let’s face it, not every UR student had a date for the Viennese Ball,and even if they did, there is only one Viennese Ball. That leaves alot of students looking for fun things to do in their free time.Even though the CT and the Buzz list events coming up, some studentsstill dont realize that this campus has over 120 student groups withregular meetings concerning all kinds of issues, 12 intramural and 27Club sports seasons, and about 25 events listed each week in The Buzzand University Events calendar (web address). You don’t have to sitin your room or go overboard with eating/drinking/smoking or anythingunhealthy because there are other things to do. Studies have shownthat positive student involvement in extracurricular activities canreduce stress, improve academic performance, increase socialsatisfaction, improve post-graduation outcomes, and reduce drugabuse. Those are pretty good reasons to get up off your butt andhave some healthy fun. For those people who need an audio-visualpreview of some of what this campus has to offer, watch for the PeerHealth Advocacy (HLS 216) video clip showing before Cinema Groupmovies at Hoyt Auditorium. So even if youre not dancing the nightaway at some formal Ball, you can catch a good movie for $2 and getsome inspiration for free time fun. And you never know, you mightmeet a date for the next formal while you’re out having fun.

Sean CrostonLauren MurrayGerard HopkinsCarla LeeMaryam Jahdi

Mass Mailings

I did not give anyone permission to use my address for anything unrelated to my reading of the Campus Times. Aside from this being obvious, I think it also goes against the privacy policy on display on the web site. (http://www.campustimes.org/global_user_elements/privacyPolicy/privacyPolicy.html) Even if the mass mailing was acceptable, publicly displaying all of theaddresses is absolutely not acceptable. This is why we have Bcc: fields. Ihope none of those addresses belongs to (another) spammer, they’re always looking for ways to harvest valid addresses.

Curtis Wilcox

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