I’m writing in response to Kim Gorode’s article about the Eastman Student Association’s financial situation. It not only overlooked the good SA brings to life at Eastman, it was poorly researched and completely biased. As a member of SA, I can say that the accounting errors of which Ms. Gorode speaks were not errors made by SA members, but merely miscommunications between SA and administration. No one is to blame, especially hard-working members of SA. I’d also like to clarify a few issues that were not correctly addressed. First of all, every student organization is not automatically given $1000 to spend as they chose during the semester. There is a $1000 cap on funds to be disbursed to any organization. This means that although each group could potentially receive this amount, they do not automatically get $1000. Organizations must maintain their attendance at meetings, and are required to contribute their own resources, providing advertising and refreshments, and, most importantly, through their own fundraising efforts. SA will match a group’s fundraising, but it does not frivolously hand out checks. Every request has NOT been unanimously approved. I say this because I can recall specific instances in which I have not voted favorably to the item at hand, and also because organizations of which I am a member have been denied funding. Without busses, which Ms. Gorode claims to have been a large source of SA’s financial “crisis”, SA wouldn’t have been able to give the students a chance to get away from downtown Rochester and enjoy events like the bowling trip, organized by the new Activities Committee. Money is dear to me too, but I hardly see how a slight raise in the activities fee, which is currently less than half the activities fee at the River Campus, could hurt. As for statements that SA elections are not publicized, I would urge Eastman students to heighten their awareness of events around them. Just this year, I read an article in campus times detailing the obliviousness of Eastman students to events in their immediate vicinity. SA elections are always very publicized, and take place in the main hall of the school, which every student enters at least once each day. As well, signs posted all over the school and dorm since the beginning of the year invite every member of the student body to SA meetings, which are held Thursdays at 9:30 in Director’s Dining. Meetings may take place in Director’s Dining, but don’t be fooled into thinking meetings are catered by any means; however, officers are often forced to advertise with food to get people to attend events such as class meetings. Before people like Ms. Gorode are so quick to criticize SA, I’d encourage everyone to attend a meeting and get an accurate picture of all that SA accomplishes to help improve the quality of life for everyone at Eastman.

Theresa RemickJr. Class President

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