Wow, never would I have thought that someone would waste their time to write such an article. The fact that you were offended by a word that the dictionary defines as “To name and dedicate ceremonially: christen a ship.” is ridiculous. Granted the word has a religious definition, but the paper used the NON-RELIGIOUS definition.It is obvious that Currents did not mean the definition “To baptize into a Christian church or to give a name to at baptism” since it doesn’t even make sense in context. Next time before you attempt to invoke some kind religious fervor over the usage of a word, look it up.

Also, Cat massacre?! Last I heard it was just one. I am sick and tired of people still dwelling on this issue and often blowing it out of proportion. I hope animal rights people have better things to do with their time than continuing to waste time on that cat. Lets put a stop to all this and move ahead with all of our lives. PLEASE!

-Albert Huang Class of 2004×43491

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