I was delighted to see McGruff the Crime Dog in Joan Knihnicki’s cartoon in your Sept. 12 issue. You may be interested to know that the creator of McGruff is none other than UR alum Jack Keil, Class of ’44. Jack dreamed up McGruff as a public service when he worked for Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Agency. He’s now retired and is a life trustee of the University. Hey, when you’re good, you’re good.

?Nancy Martin

UR Archivist and Rochester Collections Librarian

“Love? In THIS economy?”

In a nation crumbling under political strife and the imminent threat of global warming, there’s clearly one issue that should take precedence above all others: my love life.

Displaced students weigh in on renters insurance debate

The reality is that floods like the one in Brooks Crossings are random accidents that occur once in a while, and many students were not prepared for an accident of this sort and thus uninsured.

An inside look at the healthcare industry from the Simon Industry and Professional Club

With the Inflation Reduction Act kicking in this summer, a group of students at the Simon School of Business saw the opportunity in this political move.