Imagine taking off your shoes and feeling the grass between your feet while researching a paper. UR is working hard to make that a reality. The UR Wireless initiative is a system that has the potential to benefit most, if not all, of the undergraduate population of this campus.

Wireless networking on the River Campus will allow students and faculty alike to remain connected, even when on the go.

Our only recommendation is that UR works hard to ensure that as many people can benefit from this system as possible. Many students do not have laptops and many with laptops do not have the financial ability or the technological understanding to acquire wireless networking.

If UR creates economically sensible packages of laptops and wireless ethernet cards for students to purchase, the true value of this system can be realized.

Two technical support groups exist on campus already ? ITS and the Computer Interest Floor tech support service ? and they can help set up the technology for students who require help.

We applaud UR for setting up a convenient and secure wireless system using a platform independent standard. It is good that we are finally living up to the technical legacy of the corporations who have long supported the university.

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