I’ve spent four long years at this university, and I have to write something in this small space to wrap it all up.

I could fill this space many times over with memories, but here are just a few of the little things that I’ll miss.

The music from the Tetris game in the arcade. You probably didn’t know it was the Tetris game playing that song, but if you’ve spent any amount of time in Wilson Commons, you’ve definitely heard it.

The Rochester Quarters. That’s the name of the bell chime that rings from the Rush Rhees Library tower every 15 minutes. We tune them out now, but when we’re back here for our reunion, they’ll bring back memories. I guarantee.

Roads with stop signs every ten feet. What would we do without them, just keep on going?

Telnet. I’ve always preferred the faster, utilitarian telnet to the flashy and slick Webmail. But our e-mail accounts expire Oct. 1, and after that we may never use telnet again.

Paying $2 to do laundry. Yeah, it’s expensive, but the price hasn’t gone up in four years. Can the same be said about anything else at UR?

A cappella groups. For whatever reason, there aren’t nearly as many of them outside of college campuses as there are inside.

The Campus Times. Now that is one damn good newspaper.

The smell of the men’s bathroom on the first floor of Wilson Commons. It’s not a bad smell. But it’s very unique.

The Welles-Brown Room, where you can go in the middle of the day and find everyone asleep.

CLARC, where you can go in the middle of the night and find everyone awake.

The ability to stay up all night and sleep all day. The real world really doesn’t offer that option very much.

That special feeling inside from eating a full meal at Danforth Dining Center. It’s not exactly a good feeling, but it’s definitely special.

The squeal of the front door of Todd Union. They give that door a dose of WD-40 every now and then, and the squeal goes away for a while, but it always comes back.

Sunny days in Rochester. Living in other places makes you take the sun for granted, but when you live in Rochester, you know that sunny days are special.

Khoa. He’s the Vietnamese janitor in Wilson Commons who walks around singing “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha do, whatcha do.” Absolutely the funniest man I’ve ever met.

The River Campus. Look around this place some time. It’s beautiful. As college campuses go, we’ve had a great one.

Finally, college in general. No other time in our lives will give us the same freedoms and responsibilities as our college years did.

There’s one way to keep these memories fresh: come back. Our post-UR lives will be busy, but we can find time. Come back for Meliora Weekend, for D-Day, or for Senior Week. I’ll be here. See you then.

Bock can be reached at dbock@campustimes.org

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