The question on everyone’s mind recently has been “Does UR care too much?” With the recent rash of nice comments, huge turn-out at basketball games in China, overwhelming crowds in the Hive and world-changing vigils it is hard not to think that UR students are far too motivated.

Huge shows of support for sports teams have caused the players to lose their concentration in the roar of five fans cheering. These are deplorable acts and should be stopped.

All of this caring has caused students to become satisfied with their lives on campus and actually know what is going on. We have traditions on this campus for a reason ? staying apathetic is a sacred way of life.

Administrators and student leaders have been meeting to try and determine how to handle the overwhelming outcry of spirit. Countless meetings bringing together all aspects of life at UR have scandalously created huge amounts of communication on campus. This is the wrong way to handle it.

Trying to find constructive solutions to our problems is a waste of time and it will only lead to more action on our campus. Students need to go back to their rooms and return to the isolated bliss that once abounded here. If some still feel the absolute need to have contact with other human beings, loud, idle, insidious complaining is the only safe action to take.

Students, administrators and faculty alike need to stop trying to change things. Instead, the UR community needs to either busy itself in screaming loud complaints and writing letters to the editor or just sitting back and relaxing. Since no one actually reads the OUAT, it is a safe bet to express your complaints in it. No one will know, and we will go back to a campus where no one cares.

The good old days are not gone ? just in need of a renewal. The UR community needs to get back on its collective butt and drink some iced tea in the sun.

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