University officials confirmed that two fraternities ? Sigma Chi and Alpha Delta Phi ? have received letters on Tuesday informing them that they have been removed from summary disciplinary probation. Delta Kappa Epsilon remains the sole fraternity on probation.

The fraternities were placed on probation as a result of an incident that occurred late last semester involving a mutilated cat found on Sigma Chi’s door.

Explaining the decision to lift the probation off of Sigma Chi and Alpha Delt, Director of Security Walter Mauldin said, “At the onset of the case, questions arose about three of our Greek communities. As the investigation proceeded we’ve collected evidence that does not support that temporary sanction.”

Interim Dean of Students Jody Asbury said that lifting probation may not affect housing on the Fraternity Quad. “It does not mean that the housing conditions have changed,” she said.

“Developments did not lead to the reasonable belief that, as a house, [Sigma Chi and Alpha Delt] were connected to the cat case,” Mauldin said.

Mauldin also said that members of a house may still be held accountable. “Individual students could be in trouble when the house is not,” Mauldin said.

President of Sigma Chi and senior Ryan St John believes that they have greatly aided the investigation. “We’ve cooperated more that you can imagine,” he said.

St John also felt that there are some issues that need to be worked out in regards to the longevity of the initial sanction. “I hope that this incident serves as an example, and I hope that, in time, the judicial system will come to serve us.”

Chairman of the Fraternity Presidents’ Council Matt Davison sees the recent decision as a good sign. “This means that new information has come to light and the investigation is moving along swiftly,” Davison said.

DKE could not be reached for comment.

Student Response

Junior Lina Nashif feels that the investigation is moving forward. “I’m happy that two frats were proven not guilty, but I think peer pressure was needed to make the [allegedly] guilty frat come forward,” Nashif said.

“It’s going to take the innocent people getting fed up with these sanctions to point the finger,” she added.

Some students question the success of the investigation. “I don’t know how deep the investigation can really go,” said freshman Chris Lindstrom.

Freshman Chris Concannon agrees. “I think if they haven’t found out by now, the chances are pretty slim,” he said.

Security has also had ongoing problems with receiving information from people. “We have had to go to people, rather than people coming to us,” Mauldin said.

Asbury agrees with Mauldin. “We are discouraged by the lack of positive cooperation across campus in this investigation.”

Additional reporting by Kara DeSantis.

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