Around 8 p.m. on March 3, an Eastman School of Music undergraduate was walking along Gibbs Street in front of the Eastman Theatre when he was approached by a lone suspect.

The suspect told the student that he had a gun, and demanded that the student hand over his wallet. After the student gave the suspect nine dollars, the suspect told the student that he really did not have a gun and just wanted to see whether or not the student would give him money.

The student asked for his money back, but the suspect denied the request, telling him that he was going to get a beer with the money.

The suspect then fled the area and the student summoned security who contacted the Rochester Police Department.

A subsequent follow up resulted in the suspect being found in a night club. The student positively identified the suspect.

Michael Perry, a 28 year old Rochester resident, was arrested by police on charges of 1st degree robbery and grand larceny and taken into custody.

There was no weapon displayed and the student was not injured during this incident. The case is now pending in the judicial system, according to UR Security.

Racist graffiti found in Wilson bathroom

Around 1:30 p.m. on March 5, an undergraduate student notified staff in the Dean of Students Office that there was graffiti in one of the stalls in the 4th floor men’s restroom in Wilson Commons.

The responding officer noted that an unidentified suspect wrote “kill the nigger,” followed by the illustration of a swastika.

The words “white power” were also found on the toilet dispenser in one of the stalls.

The graffiti was written in black ink and facilities staff removed it shortly after it was photographed, according to UR Security.

Information provided by UR Security.Schnee can be reached at

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