Algier named to interim director post

Associate Director of Student Activities Anne-Marie Algier will become the interim director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons when Rob Rouzer leaves for the University of Illinois-Chicago to become their director of Campus Unions at the end of the month.

Algier, who has been with the university since 1992, is looking forward to the opportunity.

“By accepting to take the Interim Director of Student Activities and Wilson Commons I have agreed to take the lead in making sure Rob’s current responsibilities are covered and that there is no disruption to the functioning of student group activities,” she said.

She hopes that she will be able to address concerns raised by some members of the Student Association Appropriations Committee about next year’s budget.

“I am confident that by working closely [with everyone who is involved in budgeting] we will accomplish this difficult [budgeting] process],” Algier said.

Rouzer said that Algier is highly qualified to fill the role. “I think Anne-Marie is highly qualified to serve as interim and if she chose, as replacement Director. She is very well respected by students, faculty and staff around the university,” he said.

“She knows the university and knows Wilson Commons Student Activities so I am confident that she will provide exceptional leadership,” Rouzer said.

Interim Dean of Students Jody Asbury said that she’s looking forward to working with Algier calling her “a wonderful successor for Rob.”

No plans have been finalized by Dean of The College William Green on the process of finding permanent people for either position. Algier said she’s just focused on the present.

“As for whether or not I will apply for the position on a full-time basis, my current goals are to make sure the needs of the students and the building are met and the many wonderful celebrations we have in April are festive and fun,” she said. “After graduation I will work with Dean Asbury and the university to assess the department and determine where my skills best fit.”

ACJC elects Morrissey as chief for next year

The All-Campus Judicial Council unanimously elected junior Rachel Morrissey-Ott as its chief justice next year. Morrissey, who is serving this year as the associate chief justice, will begin her new role May 15.

“I’m happy to have been elected Chief with the unanimous support of the other members of ACJC,” Morrissey said. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to serve as an advocate for students.”

In her role, Morrissey serves as the chair for ACJC cases, holds weekly meetings with administrators, and meets regularly with the Students’ Association president and speaker to talk about issues that effect the three branches of the government. This could be a particularly important year for the chief because the SA is currently in the process of re-examining its constitution and drafting a new one for student body approval late this year or early next year.

“Under our current constitution it is often difficult for students to know who to turn to for help” she said. “Our new constitution in such a way to have a clearer delination of responsibilities of each branch of government.”

The council also elected sophomore and current ACJC member Erica Contini to be next year’s associate chief. The associate chief assists the chief with their responsibilities.

Senior and current chief Ryan Walters is happy about the council’s current direction.

“The next step of leadership is perfectly capable of directing ACJC next year,” he said. “We set a good level of involvement with student affairs this year. I’m confident that the next generation is going to carry that through.”

Beer prices going down at the Hive

Prices for beer in the Hive went down this week by 25 cents. High Falls flavors are now priced at $2.50, and prices for premium brews will be $3.50.

After break, the cup size will go up from 14 ounces to 16 ounzes.

The changes will make the Hive competitive with local Rochester bars.

“It is the same price as pretty much everywhere,” Hive manager Mike Craig said.

“There’s not really reason for people not to be there [because] you can walk there easily and there are no worries about driving,” he said.

Reporting by Todd Hildebrandt.

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