The intoxicated 15-year-old girl found early in the morning on Jan. 27 at the Psi Upsilon fraternity house was not linked to the Girl Scouts, as UR Security had previously said.

“After investigation, we have found that she was not affiliated with the Girl Scouts,” Director of Security Walter Mauldin said.

Previous security reports had connected the girl to a Girl Scout event earlier in the day and also indicated that the girl failed to contact her family for a ride home following the event.

Andrew Pagano, the president of YU fraternity, felt the report and the Security Update that was printed in the Feb. 7 issue of the Campus Times painted an inadequate picture of the event.

“The information and descriptions provided in the CT last week concerning the presence of a ‘Girl Scout’ in our house did not adequately portray the true circumstances of the event,” he said. “In no way did any member of YU seek out this girl or invite her into our quarters.

“Her presence here was based strictly on her own will and was in no way connected to any desires or doings of ours,” he continued. “By no fault of our own, YU has been portrayed in the CT as an organization that would support hosting and serving 15-year-olds.

“This is, of course, incorrect and completely unfounded,” Pagano said.

Security is still unsure why the girl was on campus and how she obtained alcohol. An investigation is still continuing to attempt to find out where she was on campus at different times, how long she was at the fraternity and who the girl may have known on campus, Mauldin said.

Pagano made it clear that the girl was not served alcohol by YU.

“At no time did any member of YU serve the girl as may have been inferred by the unclear reporting on her state of intoxication while at the fraternity house,” Pagano said.

He also said that a responding security officer told him that the girl was a runaway accompanied by a 19-year-old man who was unaffiliated with the university.

The 19-year-old told security “that the 15-year-old was his girlfriend and that he was legal and had the right to be on the premises with her,” Pagano said.

“We have heard what YU has been saying about her having a boyfriend here but we cannot confirm or deny that,” Mauldin said.

Pagano sees no need for disciplinary action.

“At this time we trust that no disciplinary repercussions will be involved as the truth was told and full cooperation from our member was offered,” he said.

Mauldin recognizes the cooperation shown by YU.

“We appreciate the spirit of cooperation YU has shown and hope that it will help us resolve the case,” he said.

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