Except for those people unfortunate enough to be lactose intolerant, everyone in their right mind loves milkshakes.

Common Ground Caf did not serve milkshakes last semester. However, this semester, Aramark has changed that policy.

“There was a request last semester for milkshakes,” Mike Lobene, Food Service Director of Wilson Commons said. However, the machine was broken, and the staff was “unable to fix it until break.”

The milkshakes have, so far, been a success. “They’ve been going over quite well,” Lobene said.

The milkshakes are to be served in ARAMARK cups, as they are not the product of either Java City or Freshens, the two other food service providers who are stationed in the Common Ground.

These milkshakes fill a gap that exists between Freshens and Java City. While Java City does serve the “Frio,” a milk based beverage, it primarily deals with coffee beverages.

Freshens, likewise, specifically deals with fruit-based blended beverages. Those connoisseurs who prefer the rich, creamy taste of ice cream mixed with milk had nowhere to turn to.

Now, though, ARAMARK is filling that gap with smooth, blended ice cream. I sampled one of these milkshakes, doing a little “investigative reporting,” and found that the milkshake ranks well above average as far as blended beverages go.

The equipment failures of last semester, according to Lobene, should not happen again, because there is now a member of the maintenence staff who is capable of servicing the machine.

All in all these milkshakes make a good addition to the wares available at the Common Ground, and will hopefully be around long enough for all of us to enjoy.

Powell can be reached at lpowell@campustimes.org.

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