Dear Campus Times, A couple of weeks ago, Get Out said that After Hours was the only co-ed a cappella group on campus. The Mazel Tones, now in our second year, are a co-ed Jewish a cappella group here at UR. The correction printed in the November 29 issue of the Campus Times stated that the Maxeltones were also a co-ed group. We are the Mazel Tones and have sung at many events on campus and in the Rochester community. Sincerely, Laura Cowan, Buisness Manager, Mazel Tones

Blackout in a can: a brief history of Four Loko

“Blackout in a can,” “The pregame and postgame,” and “Battery acid” are all terms that have been used in reference to potentially the most infamous drink.

To everyone, everything, that’s no longer mine

You left so many pieces of you with me — I’m a mosaic. You gave me pretty stained glass, and when you left it cracked into shards.

David Jin strives for perfection with “Moments I Missed”

It’s not often that you hear someone cite Kim Kardashian as their biggest inspiration for going to law school.