Get ready for 24 hours of play with UR’s AF Foundation. Alpha Phi is pleased to announce its annual 24 hour Teeter-Totter-A-Thon which will take place 10 a.m. Friday until 10 a.m. Saturday on the steps of Wilson Commons.

Take a break from studying and ride on a teeter-totter for half an hour to help out a cause. There will also be raffles throughout the day to win lots of things.

“We have collected prizes from a variety of local businesses and almost everyone is guaranteed to win some type of prize” sophomore AF member Keather Papa said.

Places such as Wegmans, Dunkin’ Donuts and the Distillery are among some of the prizes being raffled off.

The event benefits the Strong Children’s Center and the Alpha Phi Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women in their collegiate years and throughout their lives.

Support helps guarantee the continuation and advancement of these valuable programs.

Raffle tickets are $1, or six for $5. Almost everyone is guaranteed to win some type of prize.

For only $5, you and a friend can help children at Strong Memorial Hospital and you can have a great time doing it by playing on a teeter-totter.

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