Seniors Peter Sanfacon and Sean Sullivan will represent the Hill Court area in the Students’ Association Senate this year. Polls closed Tuesday night after the runoff with 87 Hill Court residents having voted. Fifty-one votes went to Sanfacon, 45 to Sullivan, 26 to senior John Brach, and 16 to junior Lora Marden, who was a write-in candidate. There was one vote for another write-in candidate.

After the original election, there was a dispute over whether or not paper ballots would be allowed. The All-Campus Judicial Council decided to count the paper ballots and the original election resulted in a three-way tie between Brach, Sanfacon and Sullivan. Because Marden was not part of the tie for first place, she entered the runoff as a write-in candidate.

Brach was disappointed in the voter turnout. “When only 10 or 15 percent of the people vote, it becomes a race about who knows the most people in the area, or who asks more friends to e-mail their Greek groups,” he said. “That’s not very democratic or representative.”

Sanfacon feels that the runoff will definitely effect his performance as a senator. “The fact that the election was so close clearly indicates that there are others well suited for the job, and this is a motivational factor for me,” he said. Sanfacon said that he believes that he has a responsibility to prove that Hill Court residents made the right decision and said he intends to do this by holding true to the promises he made during his campaign.

Brach was not impressed with the winners. “I am a bit embarrassed to have lost to one person whose platform consisted of a series of movie quotes and another whose signs advertised that he was an aspiring pedophile,” he said.

Service project gives students an opportunity to spread love

In an effort to positive feelings on campus, the women’s small group of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be giving students the opportunity to send motivational notes to each other through the mail. Every Friday students from the group will be in Wilson Commons.

Small note cards with pre-written quotes will be available to send to other students’ CPU boxes. Students will also be allowed to personalize the notes by writing extra messages. The table will also have a directory on hand to look up addresses for students.

“Hopefully, there’ll be a pyramid effect,” said junior and member of IVCF Alexandra Larson. The group hopes the cards will have a positive influence on the campus community as a whole, and continue throughout the rest of the year.

“As long as it’s successful, it’ll be continued,” Larson said.

Registration materials now available

Registration materials, including class schedules and class descriptions, are now available in Wilson Commons and at the Center for Academic Support in Lattimore Hall.

Reporting by Alissa Millerand Karen Taylor.

Withstanding the flames

Even in the midst of all this madness, it’s important to remember that the world is still getting better every day.

Hearing bells? UR not crazy — it’s the carillon!

Each year, 12 students take part in a class where they learn how to play the Hopeman Memorial carillon located at the very top of Rush Rhees Library.

Letter to the Editor: “Revelations in the ruins”

We must continue to rally and march to show strength and ensure that genocide does not happen in complicit silence.